Rules and regulations

  • Advance payment

    When paying a deposit, the rental agreement is renewed for one season from 01.05 to 01.09. Rent or parts of rent cannot be refunded if the stay is shortened.

  • Driving

    Driving inside the campsite is not allowed between 23:00 and 06:00. Silence must be maintained during the same period. All driving inside the campsite must be at a walking pace.

  • Open fire

    The use of open fire on the premises is strictly prohibited, but guests are allowed to use grills. Guests must familiarize themselves with regulations regarding fire safety, gas, and other specific provisions. The fire hoses around the premises should only be used in case of a fire.

  • Power cable

    The cable should be the length from the power post to the caravan, coiling up extra cable next to the caravan is highly flammable. All caravans must have at least one smoke detector and a fire extinguisher. The cable for your caravan should be of an approved type and cross-section (HO7 and cross-section 3×2.5mm2).

  • Electric car

    Electric cars can only be charged from a charging station, it is not allowed to charge them at the trailer.

  • Parking

    Each camping unit is only allowed one parking space, visitors must park at the campground’s day parking.

  • Driving with a motorboat

    Driving with a motorboat in the swimming area is strictly prohibited, and boats are not allowed on the beach. All boats should be registered with the guard and the buoys should be registered with a location number. During the off-season, small boats can be placed on the ground. Boat trailers / car trailers must rent parking and must also be marked with a location number.

  • Water tap

    The water taps are only for filling drinking water. Car wash and similar activities must be done in designated areas.

  • Ball games

    Ball games should only be played on the soccer field.

  • Trimming & pruning

    Trimming/pruning of bushes and trees is not allowed. Trash containers are for household waste only.

  • Fences and party tents

    Wooden fences, wooden sheds, and party tents are not allowed. Only regular tarpaulins are permitted.

  • Flooring and outdoor patio

    Flooring in awnings and outdoor patios cannot exceed a total of 45m2 and should be as low as possible in the terrain. Only 2×4 on the edge, not raising the caravan and floor. The flooring must be easily removable.

  • Sale of caravans

    The spot is not included in the sale of caravans.

  • Winter storage

    Winter storage applies from September 1st to April 15th, for the caravan and the floor only, everything else must be removed. The floor should not be used for storage.

  • Violation of rules

    If the regulations/fire regulations or general camping rules are violated by the tenant or the tenant’s guests, the rental agreement can be terminated without notice.

  • Forward renting

    Forward renting is not allowed.

  • Pet

    All dogs must be kept on a leash. Dogs are not allowed on the beach. When the dogs are tied to the cart, the leash must not be longer than the dog keeps a good distance from paths, roads and neighbours. This also applies to cats.

Information document.

Download the information document for our guests. The document deals with internal control regarding electrical installations and equipment.

Insulated awnings/year-round awnings

Agreement for the installation of insulated awnings/year-round awnings. The installation and size of this type of awning must be approved by the general manager.

Internal control checklist

This form is a part of the internal control system and should be submitted when all points are okay. It should be submitted at the reception or sent by mail before the use of the trailer.